What type of grownup do you want your child to become?

I was asked this question several years ago and it was a very powerful question for me so I wanted to share it with you.

Like you, I was already an engaged and connected parent; however, taking a few minutes to actually write down my vision for my kids enabled me to see areas where I was spending a lot of time and areas where I wanted to focus more.

Although we can’t guarantee how our kids will “turn out”, every interaction we have with them does shape their lives – especially when they are young and their core thoughts and belief systems are being formed.

I would like to invite you to spend about 10 minutes today thinking about this question and creating a vision for your parenting if you don’t already have one.

As part of the exercise, you may want to use the “Balance Wheel”. The Balance Wheel is a coaching tool that is used to assess various areas of your life for balance – emotional, social/community, spiritual, occupational/school/financial, mental, physical, family, and recreational.

Depending on your children’s ages you may even want to share your vision with them -- sharing your vision can help them understand why you make the decisions you make (such as why you don’t buy them a toy every time you take them to the grocery store, why they have household responsibilities, or why you don’t serve cookies for dinner).

Have fun with this exercise!

P.S. Invite your spouse to go through the exercise as well. You may be surprised!

If you’re ready to help your child bust out of their shyness, click here for a complimentary consultation and we’ll map out a plan to help create confidence and courage.

Ikedah Alston is a certified WISDOM Coach™ and an expert in helping kids develop soaring confidence and self-esteem.

Copyright © 2020 Renaye Thornborrow, Adventures in Wisdom. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from Renaye Thornborrow.

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