The Connected Family G.R.O.W.T.H. Program

The Connected Family G.R.O.W.T.H. Program

Foster an environment of connection, communication, and respect in this 12-week, whole-family coaching program.

If you're struggling to keep your family connected and happy, you're not alone. Our 12-week family coaching program is designed to help families like yours overcome these challenges and create a happier, healthier home life. I will work with you to identify your family's strengths and areas for growth, and develop personalized strategies to achieve your goals.

Benefits of this program include improved communication and conflict resolution skills, stronger family bonds, and a more positive family dynamic overall. 

The group coaching sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for families to connect with each other and learn valuable skills and techniques for improving communication and managing conflict. And our one-on-one support provides targeted, individualized support to help you implement the strategies and techniques you've learned in the group coaching sessions.

This 12-week family coaching program is perfect for families of all shapes and sizes, whether you're dealing with major conflicts or just looking to strengthen your family bonds.


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